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Pulchowk Engineering Campus
Computer Engineering
  1. Hostel Management System
  2. Map Accident in Kathmandu Valley
  3. Educational Data Mining in Relation to Educational Statistics of Nepal
  4. Helicopter Hurdle
  5. 3DSpline
  6. Vaw Repo and Social Campaign
  7. Phase Vocoder
  8. E-Tender
  9. Image Processing Elective I
  10. Python Interface for communication with eXistDB
  11. Speaker Recognition
  12. Four in a row
  13. Student Management at Engineering Entrance Academy (PEA)
  14. Library Management on C
  15. Women Empowerment
  16. KrishiUtthan - Bridging gap between farmers and sellers
  17. House of Cards - Collection of card games
  18. Data Visualization with Bar graphs using 3d rendering
  19. A Case Study on Management of Software company in Nepal (Deerwalk Services)
  20. Outreach Clinical Diagnosis System
  21. Advanced Typing Tutor
  22. Buiding Calculator using C : Motivation example for beginner
  23. Missionaries and Cannibals using AI
  24. Blood Bank Management System
  25. FarMate (Krishi Sujav)
  26. Automate +
  27. Home appliance control and security using PSTN
  28. Neuro Fuzzy Based Investment Decision Tool for Stock Market and Commodities
  29. Text Autocomplete (Fuzzy Logic String Search)
  30. QSoft Animator
  31. English Checkers
  32. 3 men's morris
  33. Sajilo Result
  34. Single Phase STATCOM using Hysteresis band Current control
  35. FPGA based motion detection and alarm system using GSM technology
  36. Automatic Traffic Light System Using Digital Image Processing
  37. Corporate Decision Support System for Telecommunications
  38. SMS based communication for eWIN system of UN WFP in disaster situations
  39. Internet Based Home Appliance Monitoring and Control Using Embedded Web Server
  40. CallBreak - A typical Nepali Game
  41. Name Conflict Resolution
  42. Workflow Automation
  43. Kathmandu Valley intelligent Traffic System (KVITS)
  44. Subscriber Data Mining for Business Reporting and Decision Making in Telecommunications
  45. XBRL implementation for financial reporting to the office of company registrar
  46. SoC Approach in Designing Vision Based Robot
  47. Design And Fabrication Of Advance Electronic Load Controller For Micro Hydropower Plant
  48. "3D Bounce" C++ Project
  49. IOE Projects' Repository
  51. Knight's Tour
  52. Guffgaff in visual C++
  53. Hand Gesture Recognition For Human Computer Interaction
  54. Samsung Data Analysis and Activity Prediction
  55. Restaurant Guide: A GPS based Android Application
  56. Warehouse Based Intelligent Banking Transaction Analysis System
  57. PyChat for Proof of Concept of Threading and Thread Modules
  58. Gaussian Filter vs In-built Gaussian Filter function
  59. Bike Race On SDL
  60. obtain IP of websites from windows
  61. The Tic Tac Toe Ultra
  63. Web Browser in C++
  64. Tic Tac Toe : A Console Game
  65. Wireless Intranet Communication
  66. Machine Aided Back of The Book Indexing
  67. Strangers Near You
  68. e-Voting System
  69. Facebook Orginal page(PHP)
  70. Multiplayer LAN Call-Break Card Game
  71. The HELP - Windows 8 App
  72. KTM Taxi Meter
  73. The C Hangman
  74. Tetris Game (Falling Blocks)
  75. Java Plotter
  76. Fisherman's Quest
  77. Space Invader Game [C#.NET]
  78. student record keeping system
  79. Electronic Shop Management System [VB.NET]
  80. Automatic Sms Replier
  81. A Racing Game "Death Race"
  82. RF Controlled DC Motor Vehicle Control System
  83. Sticker Game
  84. Nepali Calendar with Date converter
  85. Flying Croc
  86. C-Man
  88. Highway Surfer
  89. Dx-Ball
  90. Blackjack
  91. Kaji
  92. From Me To You (Messenger)
  93. Ray Tracing
  94. TimeLapse
  95. KEC Undelete
  96. Virtual Tour Of Temple
  97. nec CSE Department System
  98. Functional Calculation Interpreter
  99. Mrita-Sikar
  100. Earthquake Resistant Design of Commercial Building
  101. online video player:A piece of code:part 0
  102. Plagiarism Tester
  103. Calculator : A "multi-digit" "infix" expression calculator
  104. Req-and-Res : A Model-View-Controller (MVC) Web framework
  105. Infrared Heart Rate Monitor
  106. Brain controlled system
  107. Hospital Management system
  108. Medical Rover
  109. MeroAwaz
  110. DTMF controlled Home Automation with Voiced acknowledgements
  111. Food Pre-order System
  112. Android Remote Controller
  113. PID Based Line Follower
  114. Speaker Recognition
  115. cell phone based home automation system
  116. automatic inverter controller
  117. Earthquake Detector
  118. IP Based Robot
  119. Cool Nepal
  121. Nepali Speech Recognition
  122. Project Manager
  123. Institute Management System
  124. Socket Programming Codes and Examples
  125. Scheduling System [C#.NET]
  126. Online Shopping Website with Payment Gateway [ASP.NET]
  127. social networking site OOP
  128. SQL on Hadoop
  129. Address Book with PDO
  130. Evidhyalaya- Open and Online library
  131. Live Traffic Congestion Detection
  132. News Recommendation based on Social Media Activity
  133. SmarTest - Test Data Generation and Exploration
  134. BagChal Game
  135. Statistical Game simulation using SDL in C
  136. Interest Rate Prediction Of Banks
  137. Automatic Speaker Recognition Using Fuzzy Vector Quantization
  138. Improved Image Steganography Technique Using Daubechies Discrete Wavelet Transform
  139. Employee Record System
  140. Microcontroller Based Electronic Load Controller for Micro Hydro system
  141. Paryatak Sahayatri (Tourist Recommendation System)
  142. Biodiversity Inventory of Nepal with Data Analysis and Visualization
  143. Crime Control System
  144. Campus Anywhere
  145. Music Genre Classification
  146. Flash Flood Early Warning System
  147. Visual Cryptography using Image Pixel Transparency
  148. Agricultural Data Integration and Analysis
  149. Glocalshare
  150. CDMA Network Analysis, Design and Simulation
  152. Performance analysis of throughput maximization techniques in cognitive radio using cooperative spectrum sensing
  153. Laser Pointer Based Human Computer Interaction Using Computer Vision
  154. Wireless Control Mobile Inverted Pendulum
  155. Server Plus
  156. Intelligent Transportation System
  157. Vehicle Over Speed Detection and Recognition
  158. Sarkari Karyalaya App
  159. Dare To Ebola
  160. Ping Pong Soccer
  161. Daily Horoscope
  162. Sticky Notes
  163. Brain Trainer < C# >
  164. Load Shedding Windows Application
  165. Yet Another Implementaion of Conway's Game of Life
  166. Photocrypt
  167. Flapy Bird
  168. Logic Gates Simulator
  169. emBank : Embedded Server based Transaction System
  170. Memory Game
  171. SDBMS(Student Database Management System)
  172. Check List
  173. Delivery Planning system for E-commerce
  174. Route Finder
  175. 3D Modeling of Taj Mahal
  176. 3D Laptop
  177. Multiplayer TickTakToe
  178. Circle Escape
  179. Date Converter in C
  180. eLearn
  181. Packet Transport Network