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Pulchowk Engineering Campus
Computer Engineering
  1. Data Extraction, Visualization and Processing with an application to Census and Election of Nepal
  2. Image Editor
  3. Machine Learning Implementations
  4. 3DSpline
  5. Educational Data Mining in Relation to Educational Statistics of Nepal
  6. Map Accident in Kathmandu Valley
  7. Phase Vocoder
  8. Hostel Management System
  9. E-Tender
  10. Image Processing Elective I
  11. Python Interface for communication with eXistDB
  12. Vaw Repo and Social Campaign
  13. Library Management on C
  14. Women Empowerment
  15. Speaker Recognition
  16. Four in a row
  17. Outreach Clinical Diagnosis System
  18. House of Cards - Collection of card games
  19. KrishiUtthan - Bridging gap between farmers and sellers
  20. Blood Bank Management System
  21. Missionaries and Cannibals using AI
  22. FarMate (Krishi Sujav)
  23. Automate +
  24. Home appliance control and security using PSTN
  25. Text Autocomplete (Fuzzy Logic String Search)
  26. Neuro Fuzzy Based Investment Decision Tool for Stock Market and Commodities
  27. English Checkers
  28. Buiding Calculator using C : Motivation example for beginner
  29. QSoft Animator
  30. Automatic Traffic Light System Using Digital Image Processing
  31. Single Phase STATCOM using Hysteresis band Current control
  32. SMS based communication for eWIN system of UN WFP in disaster situations
  33. Internet Based Home Appliance Monitoring and Control Using Embedded Web Server
  34. Name Conflict Resolution
  35. Workflow Automation
  36. Subscriber Data Mining for Business Reporting and Decision Making in Telecommunications
  37. Kathmandu Valley intelligent Traffic System (KVITS)
  38. SoC Approach in Designing Vision Based Robot
  39. XBRL implementation for financial reporting to the office of company registrar
  40. GPS/GSM integration for enhancing public transportation system
  42. Knight's Tour
  43. Knight's Tour
  44. PyChat for Proof of Concept of Threading and Thread Modules
  45. Gaussian Filter vs In-built Gaussian Filter function
  46. Bike Race On SDL
  47. Spellchecker - A program in C for Checking spelling mistakes.
  48. Tic Tac Toe : A Console Game
  49. Machine Aided Back of The Book Indexing
  50. Helicopter Hurdle
  51. Fisherman's Quest
  52. Util Toolkit
  53. Manga Downloader (a.k.a Online Comic Downloader)
  54. 3D Modeling of Taj Mahal
  56. Kaji
  57. From Me To You (Messenger)
  58. Earthquake Resistant Design of Commercial Building
  59. Brain controlled system
  61. DTMF controlled Home Automation with Voiced acknowledgements
  62. Multi Security System for Homes
  63. Optical Character Recognizinator
  64. Nepali Speech Recognition
  65. SQL on Hadoop
  66. Automatic Speaker Recognition Using Fuzzy Vector Quantization
  67. Improved Image Steganography Technique Using Daubechies Discrete Wavelet Transform
  68. Wireless Coverage Assessment System
  69. Laser Pointer Based Human Computer Interaction Using Computer Vision
  70. Intelligent Transportation System
  71. Nepali Calendar with Date converter