FlipKarma is a platform for students, academicians and entrepreneurs to add/upload and share their works in their student/academic or professional life. You can add projects, share the codes and make reviews about the contents uploaded by other users. You can also search and find the academic and non academic projects in the site. FlipKarma is created to uplift the student learning environment through sharing of knowledge. We would be much obliged if you treat and use our service for the betterment and strengthening of your educational background.

Accepting the Terms of Service

FlipKarma is an on-line repository for projects and works done by the students/professionals in their student and professional life. This project is owned and operated by Phunka Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Please read the terms of Service(“agreement”) carefully before using the network or any service provided on the network. By using or accessing the services, you agree to become bound by all the terms and conditions of this agreement. If you find uncomfortable with the terms and conditions, do not use the services. You are responsible for checking the terms of service periodically as it may be revised.


  • FlipKarma reserves the right to make modifications in the services.
  • There are currently no subscription charges for basic services but we do have rights to charge you for additional features and services that FlipKarma shall be floating in the future.
  • FlipKarma reserves the right at any time to make modifications or discontinue, temporarily or permanently service with or without notice.
  • Prices of all services including monthly subscription plan fees to the subjects are subject to change.
  • FlipKarma shall not be liable for you or any third party for any modifications, price changes, suspension or discontinuity of the service.
  • FlipKarma holds the right to modify the terms of usage in the future.


  • FlipKarma deserves the right to issue you a warning regarding the violation.
  • FlipKarma reserves the right to terminate services or suspend your(“users”) account without notification in case of violation of TOS.
  • You agree that FlipKarma need not inform you about the termination or suspension of your account.
  • Also, FlipKarma deserves the right to refuse any user access for violation of TOS.

    • You must not put/upload any material that violates the copyright conditions.
    • All materials uploaded should be original and the work of the user itself.
    • FlipKarma reserve the right to remove the projects / source codes that violates copyrights of other user or original developer.
    • Any complaints and copyrights violation issues will be taken seriously and we reserve the right to remove the user accounts in case any.
    • User shall not upload any codes that he/she thinks will be stolen and is a novice idea.
    • By uploading the projects/codes/materials to the FlipKarma, you agree to share the contents and make it accessible for general pubic and registered users of the site.
    • You agree that you are willingly publishing the content using the platform and service provided by FlipKarma.
    • Any material uploaded to the site and service are not permitted for commercial use by third party or FlipKarma without the consent from the owner.
    • FlipKarma cannot guarantee that the materials uploaded here are accurate, quality or integrity of the user content.
    • By using FlipKarma you acknowledge that you may be exposed to material you find offensive or objectionable.

    You can file copyright infringement issues to the FlipKarma. Please send a notice of copyright infringement containing following:-

    • Identification of the work or material being infringed.
    • Contact information about notifying party including the name, email address, telephone number and email address.
    • The notifying party's statement specifying why, how and where the original work was produced and the material's copyright issues.

    After FlipKarma receives a notification about the copyright violation issue, it shall do following things:-

    • Disable access to or remove material that has a reasonable belief to be a copyrighted material and has been illegally produced.
    • FlipKarma will immediately notify the user responsible for the act.
    • FlipKarma reserves the right to remove the content or disable the account of the user violating the TOS and copyright.


    All contents posted on the service must comply with the copyright rules. You agree not to use the service to:-

    • Post, Upload materials that violate copyright rules and work of others.
    • You shall not upload materials that can be used for illegal activities like hacking, cracking or distribution of codes that violate international norms.
    • You shall not involve in activities like making fake comments and likes, up-votes to increase the content visibility or uplift.


    Please review our Privacy Policy, which governs the use of personal information on the network and to which the subscriber agrees to be bound as a user of the service.


    FlipKarma may, from time to time, need to interrupt the Service for maintenance and other operational reasons, as determined in its sole discretion, and you shall not receive any compensation or refund for such interruptions.