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Questions from the topic - 8. Transaction and Concurrency Control (6 hours) - Distributed System
  1. What do you mean by Distributed Deadlock? Explain the two-phase commit protocol of handling distributed transaction. - 2069 Chaitra
  2. What are the flat and nested transactions? Describe the methods for concurrency control in distributed system. - 2069 Chaitra
  3. Define transaction and nested transaction with examples. Explain how an atomicity is gained in transactions. - 2069 Sample-Question
  4. Define concurrency control and its need in any transaction. What are the major goals and mechanisms of concurrency control? - 2069 Sample-Question
  5. Define concurrency control. Explain the different methods of concurrency control. Also make a comparison among them. - 2069 Sample-Question
  6. Define distributed transaction and nested distributed transaction with examples. - 2069 Sample-Question
  7. What are the needs and roles of atomic commitment protocol (ACP) in distributed transactions? Explain different ACPs (two-phase and three-phase) in detail. - 2069 Sample-Question
  8. Define distributed concurrency control. Explain the different methods of concurrency control in distributed transactions. Also make a comparison among them (same as Q.N.38) - 2069 Sample-Question
  9. Define distributed deadlock in distributed transaction. Explain the deadlock resolution technique with an example. - 2069 Sample-Question
  10. Explain transaction recovery techniques with example (log file, shadow paging etc.) - 2069 Sample-Question