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Questions from the topic - 3. Operating System Support (3 hours) - Distributed System
  1. Why network operating system (NOS) is widely preferred over distributed operating system (DOS) in practical distributed systems? Explain DOS as a middle-ware. - 2069 Chaitra
  2. What are the different operating system layers? Explain the importance of each of the layers. - 2069 Sample-Question
  3. Differentiate between network operating system and distributed operating system. - 2069 Sample-Question
  4. Eventhough a distributed operating system is needed in a distributed system to perform a particular task; it is not widely popular in use, why? What and how a DOS in realized in a practical distributed system? - 2069 Sample-Question
  5. Define middleware and explain its importance in distributed system with suitable diagram. - 2069 Sample-Question
  6. Define and differentiate between process and threads. Explain the importance of threads in distributed system with suitable examples. - 2069 Sample-Question
  7. Briefly explain the different types of operating system architectures. (Monolithic and microkernel architectures) - 2069 Sample-Question