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Questions from the topic - 2. Distributed Objects and File System (7 hours) - Distributed System
  1. How do you convince that middle-ware plays the important role in Distributed System? Explain the operation of RPC in client server communication in Distributed System. - 2069 Chaitra
  2. What do you mean by file and directory service? Explain the operation of SUN NFS with its architecture. - 2069 Chaitra
  3. Define distributed objects. How distributed objects communicate with other? - 2069 Sample-Question
  4. Define distributed objects? What are the needs of event notification during the communication among distributed objects? Explain the distributed event notification architecture in detail - 2069 Sample-Question
  5. Define distributed file system (DFS)? What are the different requirements of the distributed file system? - 2069 Sample-Question
  6. Define distributed file system (DFS)? How does DFS encourage sharing a storage device, explain in detail with the help of a distributed file service architecture. - 2069 Sample-Question
  7. Define transparency in distributed system. Give the reason for “access transparency is not maintained by conventional RPC”. How can it be solved, explain with detail modern RPC procedure. - 2069 Sample-Question
  8. Define name service and explain its types. Explain the collection of name servers as a distributed system for the resolution of resource names along with resolution methods. - 2069 Sample-Question