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Questions from the topic - 1. Introduction (4 hours) - Distributed System
  1. What are the major goals of distributed system? Explain the need of transparency in distributed system along with the challenges in achieving that. - 2069 Chaitra
  2. Define distributed system. Differentiate between an autonomous system and a distributed system with examples. - 2069 Sample-Question
  3. “Distributed system acts as a single coherent system to its end user”. Justify the statement with its features and examples. - 2069 Sample-Question
  4. Why do we need a distributed system? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of distributed system in detail. - 2069 Sample-Question
  5. What are the main characteristics (design goals or objectives or requirements) of a distributed system? - 2069 Sample-Question
  6. Why there are challenges in achieving some requirements of a distributed system? Explain the challenges associated with different requirements of distributed system. - 2069 Sample-Question
  7. Define transparency. “Transparency is one the most important feature of a distributed system”, justify the statement with example. Explain the challenges in achieving the transparency in distributed system. - 2069 Sample-Question
  8. Explain the different models of distributed system. - 2069 Sample-Question
  9. Explain the different types of distributed systems: grid, cluster, cloud. - 2069 Sample-Question