Distributed System, 2069 Chaitra - Old questions

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Distributed System, 2069 Chaitra

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  • 1. What are the major goals of distributed system? Explain the need of transparency in distributed system along with the challenges in achieving that.
  • [3+5]
  • 2. How do you convince that middle-ware plays the important role in Distributed System? Explain the operation of RPC in client server communication in Distributed System.
  • [3+5]
  • 3. What do you mean by file and directory service? Explain the operation of SUN NFS with its architecture.
  • [4+4]
  • 4. Why network operating system (NOS) is widely preferred over distributed operating system (DOS) in practical distributed systems? Explain DOS as a middle-ware.
  • [2+6]
  • 5. Define logical and physical clocks. Explain Lamport time-stamp algorithm along with an example.
  • [2+4]
  • 6. Present a practical scenario where you need an election algorithm. Explain an election algorithm with example that is suitable to your scenario.
  • [2+4]
  • 7. Compare passive replication with active replication approach. Also discuss with a technique that make the distributed system highly available.
  • [2+5]
  • 8. What do you mean by Distributed Deadlock? Explain the two-phase commit protocol of handling distributed transaction.
  • [3+4]
  • 9. What are the flat and nested transactions? Describe the methods for concurrency control in distributed system.
  • [2+2+4]
  • 10. What do you mean by faults, failures and errors? How do you handle faults in Distributed System? Explain process resilience approach in brief.
  • [2+4]
  • 11. What is IDL? Explain CORBA RMI with its services.