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Questions from the topic - 2. Physical Layer (5 hours) - Computer Networks
  1. Define switching and multiplexing. Differentiate between circuit switching and packet switching. - 2069 Chaitra
  2. Why do we need RAID in the computer networks? Define and discuss the differences between RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5. - 2068 Chaitra
  3. What is a switching? Differentiate between packet switching and circuit switching. - 2068 Baisakh
  4. What are types of twisted pair cable? Calculate the efficiency if slotted Aloha. - 2068 Baisakh
  5. What do you mean by ISDN and what is it contribution in the field of data communication? Explain various types of multiplexing mechanisms used in communication. - 2067 Ashadh
  6. Describe what do you understand by switching along with various types of switching mechanism. Explain the fault tolerance mechanism of FDDI. - 2067 Ashadh
  7. Differentiate between circuit switching and packet switching technology. Explain the operation how switched virtual circuit in frame relay network is established, maintained and teardown. - 2066 Bhadra
  8. Write short notes on (any two) :
    a) TCP Sliding Window Protocol
    b) Secret Key Algorithm: DES
    c) ISDN Signalling and ATM AAl
    d) ICMP Message Types - 2066 Bhadra
  9. Why the telephone companies developed the ISDN? Explain the working principle of ISDN with its interface and functional groups. - 2065 Shrawan
  10. Explain the guided and unguided transmission media and compare it with example. - 2063 Ashwin
  11. Write short notes on :
    a) Wireless Transmission Media
    b) FTAM - 2063 Ashwin
  12. Why computer network is important? Differentiate between physical and logical topology. - 2063 Baisakh