“Selling and Buying Goods”, this process has existed from the time money has been made in use. From the time our ancestors till present the concept of marketing has totally changed. In the past we use to market our stuffs locally for limited community people moreover in a local area but now with time and with the start of “dot com bubble” marketing strategy has completely changed. Now the marketing area has widened and with the use of technology we could market globally which make us feel that the earth is within our palm. The concept of e-market is growing day by day globally. Almost every fourth person on earth has access to earth with which we imagine the volume of e-customers. And also in context of Nepal the Internet has boomed heavily with millions of users across the country. And targeting this people we are developing an online market for selling and buying goods meant for Nepal. Using this site anybody can sell any stuffs and anybody can buy can buy any stuffs. Besides buying and selling any stuff the companies can also post their advertisement targeting these e-customers.

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