This project attempts to implement the study and visualization of the wireless coverage at desired area. The project mainly focuses on implementing what it would be like the wireless status at any area. Most of the times there are situations when the customers are in great dilemma about choosing the carriers and ISP available as they are unaware about the signal coverage at different places. For this, one has to either go by what the companies say in their marketing material or ask friends and others. Still the available information may not be that reliable one.

Over the past several years more and more cities, townships, and institutions have been deploying large-scale wireless networks. On the largest scale, combination infrastructure and mesh networks are being used in municipalities to cover very large areas. Many such deployments have been braught with controversy around deployment motivation, performance expectations, and business model. Our position is that with a robust and rigorous coverage testing methodology, many of these controversies and unfulfilled expectations are mapped into a clear problem and solution space. It is based on low-cost and readily obtainable commodity hardware.

 Additionally, all techniques are passive, requiring no more access to the network than any casual observer would have. Because the methodology is simple and the hardware inexpensive, it may even be possible for some testing to be carried out by institutions and municipalities themselves. At the very least, simple and well defined approaches to coverage testing will serve to encourage transparency in the testing of contractors, which will go a long way to making results easier to interpret and validate. Using the results from tests, network operators can create maps that accurately reflect the usable coverage of their network. Moreover, this testing can find gaps and problems in coverage which will help inform the deployment of large and complex networks.

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