This project "Virtual Tour of Temple" is done as a part of Compuer Graphics course at IOE. "Virtual Tour of Temple” is a simulation of a historical temple environment. The temple environment consists of a one-storied temple, a bell near the temple, temple stairs. The 3D models of each are created and placed in 3D space and they will be projected in 2D plane. The type of projection used is perspective. The user can use keyboard to move around the temple environment. For generating virtual realism we have applied colouring, lighting (single source) and rendering of 3D models.

User can roam around the environment using different keys:

a/d : change look at point (left/ right)

z/c: change eye position (left/ right)

w/s: change eye and look at position (up/ down)

up/down arrow key: go forward/ backward in viewing direction



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Virtual Tour Of Temple's Screenshot

Team Members

Bidhan Sthapit
Jamuna Maharjan


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