Road accidents have been very common in the present world with the prime cause being the careless driving.  The necessity to check this has been very essential and different methods have been used so far. However with the advancement in the technology, different governing bodies are demanding some sort of computerized technology to control this problem of over speed driving.

At this scenario, we are proposing a system to detect the vehicle which are being driven above the given maximum speed limit that the respective roads or highway limits.

The overall project is divided in three categories; speed detection, image acquisition and transfer and image processing. Speed detecting device works on the principle of Doppler Effect using microwave Doppler radar sensor. The speed is compared with the preset threshold and camera is triggered if the speed limit exceeds. Acquisition and transfer of image is done by a HD camera interfaced with raspberry pi. Raspberry pi is connected to the server via internet. The server runs an Image processing program which isolates the license plate from picture frame. The characters in the number plate is digitized and sent to the authority residing in the next station where the vehicle is heading.

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