This is a c-project by Sujit Maharjan and Shishir Aditya Gautam Students of 2070 BEX IOE PULCHOWK.

Brief Description:

We are hoping to create utility toolkit called util.

Features implemented:

  • recovery toolkit: tries to recover image file(jpeg) that has been accidentally deleted or hardware crash form a camera

  • a terminal front-end of the util toolkit

  • a comprez toolkit: which tries compress the asci text file

  • a decomprez toolkit: decompress the file compressed with comprez toolkit


Some important point/features about the util program


  1. Recovery toolkit is able to recovery jpg file from a crashed or unintentionally formated sd-card.

  2. The recovery toolkit can handle large no of file and organizes file in multiple directory.

  3. Comprez toolkit is optimized for speed. Use of merge-sort, hashing data-structure.

  4. Data structure has been cearfully craft for the speed and least utilisation of the memory while compressing the file. Hashstructure for ascii and tree like data structure for word analysis of the file, etc.

  5. The decompressor is also optimized for the speed

  6. The speed enables the comprez toolkit to used in the html web-page server hosting as it takes less time to compress and decompress. It helps to reduce the networking cost and increase the overall user experience. (A proof of concept with netcat is demonstrated )



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For those who want to test the recovery toolkit. plz note that i was unable to upload 20 mb image file due to servers limitation. plz read the note inside the test to create an image file of your own.
7 years, 1 month ago

You can upload the 20 MB file in any other server like Google Drive, Dropbox and put a link over here in the description.
7 years, 1 month ago

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2 years, 10 months ago

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