“Ninja Game” is a project basically written to be submitted to the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, Pulchowk Campus under the course of C Programming for the 1st semester of Bachelors of Computer Engineering. The target of the project is to implement the basic techniques and implementation of C Programming concepts taught throughout the semester. The Project’s (“Ninja Game”) source code was written, compiled, tested and debugged using a popular IDE “Codeblocks v13.11”. Our knowledge in the programming concepts such as functions, strings, arrays, loops, pointers and file handling were implemented throughout the project.

“Ninja Game” as the name suggests, is a multiplayer, turn-based artillery game. It consists of two ninjas throwing ‘Shuriken’ (or ninja stars) at each other. The player can adjust the velocity and projection angle of the star as per the conditions that the game generates. Hence, the objective for a player of this game is to strike their opponent with a ‘Shuriken’ and decrease their lives and ultimately win the game.The game was made completely devoid of graphics library and solely made out of symbols using Codeblocks IDE. So, it was always a challenge to apply the graphical aspects of the game i.e. displaying the characters (ninjas) and the movement of the ‘Shuriken’ (ninja star). The game’s Display consists of basically three major parts, i.e. ninjas, buildings and animated movement of ninja star. As the game is opened, it asks the users to input their names and number of lives they want to play for. Once the game proceed it displays buildings of random height and ninjas above random buildings then user has to input the velocity and angle of projection for their ‘Shuriken’. If the ‘Shuriken’ hits the opponent their life decreases and ultimately the one who is able to reduce the opponent’s life to zero, wins.Coding Hundreds of lines, testing and debugging was never an easy job, however, we got the chance to learn about different aspects of programming and various techniques we could apply to make programming more efficient.Finally, this report gives a detailed description of our project, about how we divided our work load and how we worked upon the game. The Core idea of the project was to learn the concepts of programming and problem solving using C-Programming Language which, in my opinion, was covered pretty well by us. 

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