This project is about Ray Tracing which is used to create Photo-Realistic images of a 3D scene including phenomenon of Reflection, Refraction, Inter-Surface Diffuse Reflection, and much more. Normally, this process is about quality of output images rather than speed to produce output.



  1. Octree Voxel Traversal Algorithm :To reduce calculations I have used Octree Voxel Traversal Algorithm written myself, to reduce computational overhead. Octree Voxel Traversal Algorithm uses 3D Binary Search and Recursive functions to search Voxel.
  2. Wx-Widget: Wx-Widget embedded with OpenGL is used to create GUI, so that user can create their own object, light and enivronmental conditions and manipulate its Attributes, and observe output instantaneously without need to compile again.
  3. Phong Illumination Model is used for creating realistic lighting effects.
  4. Application of Vector:All the intersection, reflection ray generation, refraction ray generation are computed Vectorically.
  5. Depth Of Field, FOG, Spot Light are also implemented as Post-Processing applied on output images. These effects use pixel intersection point, pixel intensities.
  6. STL: STL vector is used for efficeint use of arrays. It is used for creation and manipulation of objects during runtime.

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reflection ta babaal ayechaa ta kto.....
7 years, 2 months ago

reflection ta babaal ayechaa ta kto.....
7 years, 2 months ago

nice one
7 years, 1 month ago

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