Compiled with : TDM-GCC 4.8.1 32-bit Programmed using C DEV C++ IDE Used

QuizBuddy ( https://github.com/SushantGautam/QuizBuddy )  is an opensource application to help the learners in learning effectively with multiple-choice based examination approach that reports the progress to users and lets the user review their quiz so that they can minimize the mistakes on the next attempt. A sample quiz for secondary school graduates has been ues in the program for high school entrance preparation. It is a WIN 32 application that works natively on Windows console, which lets the user take the quiz and learn effectively. Further, it has remote database system which makes this program very dynamic. The project database and the program itself can be updated from the internet. A WIN API for downloading the data from internet has also been used. A unique random quiz generator makes the application generate different sets of quiz each time the user face. The program has quiz review function which lets users to find out their mistakes in the last quiz. Along with it, there is a feature which displays user progress in the graph. The project output is an application which makes learning effective and interesting. It is a user friendly system which helps to visualize the result in an interactive form and also allows the users to select different quiz database and customize the number of questions for quiz.

Server URL used in the code can be replaced with your own one. See QBCache Folder to see cache files and also read report and documentation to find format for database.

Feel free to contact if you need any help: http://www.sushant.info.np .

A Mini Project Report On QuizBuddy Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the first semester of the Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering Submitted By: Sushant Gautam (072 BCT 544) Shishir Bhandari (072 BCT 535) Submitted to: Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering Central Campus Pulchowk Institute of Engineering (IOE) Tribhuwan University Lalitpur, Nepal March 13, 2016


We extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Baburam Dawadi for providing the necessary programming knowledge and support for understating the feasibility for the project. We would also like to thank our computer lab assistant for guiding us to grasp the programming ideas. Our special thanks go to our seniors for guiding us through the project; helping us to understand its complexity and probable faults. Similarly, we also like to thank the free and open source code software developers and distributors for making it possible for us to accomplish this project and research over existing systems and approaches used. We would also like to thank Pulchowk Campus and Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering for providing us the opportunity to build up the project. Last but not the least; we would like to thank our friends and seniors for helping us in testing our program and find out the flaws.

Sushant Gautam (072 BCT 544) Shishir Bhandari (072 BCT 535)



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