Mobile is used for different purposes like in communication, sending SMS. It can be extended to perform various tasks as controlling the PC and home appliances. Our project “PC Control Using Mobile” can be used to control the PC and home appliances by sending text message from any Bluetooth enabled mobile, supporting application developed in J2ME. The mobile supporting MIDP2.0 (Mobile Information Device Profile) and CLDC1.1 (Connectivity Limited Device Configuration) can be used as controller mobile in the course of implementation of our project. This configuration, profile and the optional API ( Blucove 2.10 ) are implemented for the well operation of the different applications in the small devices like mobile having limited processing speed ,limited memory and limited resources. Bluetooth networks are formed ad hoc and dynamically, when Bluetooth-enabled devices come into proximity of one another. Technically, a Bluetooth network is called a Pico net. For sending the text message we must keep track of the distance from the PC (having Bluetooth functionality) which is we are going to control. This distance fairly depends on the range of the Bluetooth Dongle used for the establishing the network with mobile .The network is simply the PAN (Personal Area Network) that can handle few to seven client mobiles and a PC server. The text message must be appropriate command that can be executed directly. The receiving message is first interpreted to find whether it is command or not. And if it is appropriate command, it is executed by PC.On exection the Runtiome method is called which runs Windows OS commands. For controlling parallel port devices the Special command calls the thread writing the data bits to the parallel port which makes the devices on and off. It is important to note that the mobile that we use is not fully dedicated for the controlling purpose .It can perform its usual services independent to the configuration for controlling the PC and home appliances

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Can we get source code for the above project????
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