Emerging trend of using Technology and Web services in almost every field gives an urge to introduce IT for the development of any aspect. For the country Nepal where Tourism had been and always have been the major economy booster for the country, introduction of new technologies and web services in this field is a must. Through this project, “Paryatak Sahayatri” we have collected useful information from various data collected primarily from Ministry of Tourism and other organizations working in the field of Tourism sector. The data provided us was voluminious and at the same time we had to mine the data also considering privacy concerns of Ministry.


Our project analyzes the data, trend of tourists coming to Nepal accordance to different indicators like age, sex, and nationality to build a recommendation system to help more tourists who are yet to plan their visit. 


Recommendation is done on basis of historical data of tourists who have already visited Nepal using Collaborative Filtering. Matrix Factorization Model is the technique used for recommendation part. The project also acts as an informative system with description about many more number of places to Nepal. Searching the places with tags, names with semantic analysis is also the included feature of this system. Visualization of data has been done to give the more analytical and understandable result regarding status of Tourism in Nepal. Our project helps Tourists coming to Nepal act as their own travel agent and plan their trip with effective recommendation provided and well description of places that are to be visited.

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