We have developed this program on Python programming language. The User Interface of this program isdeveloped using Tkinter which is the inbuilt library of Python. The image drawn by the user is taken as input by the program. For image processing we have used OpenCV and Python Imaging Library (PIL). The input image is cropped and resized and compared to those characters written into the database. 

Our project has two models. The first being a training module and the second is the working module. In the training module we have fed the input, resized it into the suitable form and saved it into our database along with the respective characters of the image. 

In the working module, we take the input from the user and resize it into the suitable form. The contents from the database are retrieved and compared with the input image. The closest match is then printed on to the screen to the user. 

We have further enhanced the application to recognize the operators like + , - , * and /. Apart from this, the application is designed to do such operations with the result in digitized form.

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Optical Character Recognizinator's Screenshot

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