The title of our major project is named as “Online video player ” ,video-sharing website .We are under construction.Till now we completed our 4 major parts.

This a large  and is complex website which is under constrction  and  based on concept of the youtube.In strict sense it’s not only just like  youtube . We are working hard to make it better with more facilaties.

We divided our project into 8  parts:

Part1:overall design.The picture you see in screenshot doesenot cover overall design.(COMPLETED)

Part2:Registration/login,User Profile,Video Upload and playback system,rate ,comment and share.(COMPLETED).

Part3:Recommends Similar types of the videos that you had watched previous. (COMPLETED).

Part4: 3D visualization.(Under Construction)

Part5:Getting subtitle of that video like youtube. (Under Construction)

Part6:Catching user expression while watching video ie :Expression Record system  and upload (later part).

Part7:Searching  youtube video s through keyword from our own web page. (later part).

Part8:Chat  and Discussion system..(COMPLETED).




Ranjit Karki,Sam Maharjan,Rupak Nepal,Nagen Shrestha SUPERVISED BY:PROF.Subarna Shakya

 Download here:



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online video player:A piece of code:part 0's Screenshot


Some portion of your project seem intersting. For instance catching user expession while watching video. Can you just explain what would it look like and how are you going to make it useful to the user. I think you are trying to do a lot of things in a single system. Try to prioritize the important works and do them first.
7 years, 4 months ago

Thanks for supportive feedback.catching user expression is really difficult task but the most interesting part of our project.Here we are using the third party software that we had already built in our minor project and this will be integrated to our webpage.this software records the user expression and palying video as well.This video will saved to a path from where his/she can upload his/her video making private of public.
7 years, 4 months ago

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