It is my Second semester c++ project which i made using sfml(simple and fast multimedia library) having special binding for c/c++.This is a simple game where i combine a movable pattern of sprites and using array of walking pattern ,here provides it a pace of walking.I have also implemented gravity to them so that while jumping, it makes feel like really a gravity acts upon it like in the others game we have played so far such as mario.It is somewhat similar to mario where i have used a set of blocks to allow jump in between them.The scrolling background gives a perfect sense of how does a real world actually moves with reference to sprite itself.This 2d game is basically consists of more sprites from menu bar to background and many more.The game starts with a background music and ends with killing opponent based on the health bar.The game is only short ,but can be extended to different levels based on score and can also be improved further like mario game by adding further different characters.


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