This is the generation of modern technologies. A large portion of human life have been covered with these technologies easing the living way of human being. There is rapid development in the communication sector. Mobile phones that was only limited to phone calls few years back have been added with so many features that has simplified huge task of human under a single machine.

Mobile applications have been in the latest trend. With smart phones in easy access to every hand, these applications have been an easy way to meet and approach new people. The time consuming tasks can be done more easily at shorter time with these apps. The mobile apps have been a good source for money earning to the developers. In present days, these apps are mainly made for Android, Windows and IOS. A huge market in the technology sector have been covered by mobile phones with the arrival of new technologies and inventions every week. It is these mobiles applications that differentiates one from other. The development of android apps have been in the latest trends which covers a huge percentage of the market. When utilized in a proper manner, these apps can be a good medium to solve different problems.


Nepal is an under developing country. Still we lack behind in every sector when it comes to competing the outer world. As long as every citizen come out and speak on their own, development is very far. Every citizen wants to contribute to their nation but the major problem is the unavailability of base or the platform. Also despite being aware of the harmful activities towards the community, we tend to continue on with it because we don’t fear our activities coming out in the larger mass. The manner of ignorance has played a major role in increasing problems of our country. It’s not always the bigger problems. Many a times there are small problems causing big impacts. These are the problems which lack enough evidences to be addressed by law enforcement authorities and are usually left unaddressed. 

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