This Windows Application system is installed in the local server. The database will be updated after processing of image in the server. The data available in server database is used by web application and Android user.


Web Application is developed for the use of the public user. The congestion details updated in server was extracted and display in the Web Interface. The Cause of Congestion cannot be determined by the System. So to notice about the cause of congestion, the system operator can add notice. User can view the congestion location in Google Map as well as the history record of that place.


After the processing of image frame obtained from video, the congestion status and information are stored in the server database. The data updated in server will also update in the android database. The congestion level along with the location name, last updated date and time and notice if available is shown in the First or Main Screen. For viewing the location in Google Map, user must click the list. Then the clicked location will be shown in the Google Map. The distance from current location to the clicked location will be shown in the top of map.

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hi,guy! please send me the source code if it's with you!!
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