The project is dedicated for making educational resources open and freely available to a large number of students. It creates a combination of study materials and online learning resources designed to foster active learning and sharing too. Using the principles thatpower Wikipedia, everyone can now create their own wiki. MIT OpenCourseWare and Stanford eCorner are leading examples of free online content from top universities.

Now its time to build up an open study content management system with community aspect moving online.Considering the fact, we have developed a project through which students or teachers can post the educational contents and distribute them to a larger group of learners.Today, the market of educational content is controlled by book publishers and sellers.Technology is ready to disrupt that picture in several ways but we need to move forward.

After passing a semester, there remains many books and other resources which may of not much use in future. We keep them dump which may be the choice for junior.Even if we want to sell them, we need connection with sellers which again take certain percentage. On the one hand, we are compelled to get satisfied with lesser sale value andon the other hand, our friends who will buy from them need to pay high amount.When it comes to financial resources, there are often a lot of questions and almost no answers but the first market places are already here around us but we are using next move.To fill the gap in there, the project is very helpful along with creating a network of students.

As PHP is probably the most popular server­ side scripting language on the web, we choose Model­-View-­Controller based framework (CodeIgniter) which is one of the most popular framework for php application development.

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