Since time immemorial, human beings have been trying to invent new things for their comfort and ease in leading their life. People are prone to newer ideas and technologies. Location-based-alarm system is an addition to these developing technologies. This system enables the user to find his/her area of interest e.g. Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, banks, etc. This system is aimed at making the life of people easier and more systematic. Positioning is a very necessary factor in our life. Our project enhances the services offered by a GPS receiver. This project removes the GPS from the category of just a handheld “help-me-find-my-way-home” and keeps it in more useful tools category. A GPS receiver is aimed at giving the precise position in latitude and longitude of a place. We use this feature of GPS receiver to find the area of our interest. For example we may need to fill fuel in our tank and may not know where the nearest petrol pump is, and may just pass by one without knowing that it was there. At such times we may be benefited by a location-triggered-alarm system, which gives an alarm when our desired place which may be hotel, restaurants, banks, petrol pumps, etc. is near. Our ancestors had to go to pretty extreme measures to keep from getting lost. They erected monumental landmarks, laboriously drafted detailed maps and learned to read the stars in the night sky for navigation. Things are much, much easier today. For less than $100, one can get a pocket-sized gadget that will tell you exactly where you are on Earth at any moment. Alarms are often used as reminders of tasks that need to be performed at preset times. Handheld devices have the advantage that the users can carry such devices with them wherever they travel, so that the users are able to hear or see the alarm when the alarm is activated. However, basing an alarm only on time reduces flexibility to a user. An alarm may pertain to a task to be performed by a user at a given location. However, when the alarm is activated at the preset time, the user may be far away from that location. If a user is unable to perform the task close to a time at which the alarm is activated, the user may forget to return to the task at a later point in time, which defeats the purpose of such an alarm. Many things that a person has to do are associated with particular places. For example, one mails a letter at a post office or a mailbox, buys groceries at a local grocery store, and checks the condition of furnace filters at home. There is presently no easy way for a person to be reminded of something (e.g., a to-do item) when he or she arrives at a corresponding location. Hence, a person is usually required to keep the association of the action and the corresponding location at the forefront of their mind, and thus subject to be forgotten. The main aim of our project is to construct a location based reminder which is equipped with a global positioning system (GPS) receiver and a microcontroller and is programmable by the user to alert the user when he or she arrives with the device at a predetermined location. The reminder application can give the user relevant information at a given location like 'your car needs fuel and you are near a petrol pump now' or 'you are hungry now and there is a good restaurant nearby'. But first the user has to choose or enter the mode that he wants to be in, like -hungry mode, refuelling mode, sick mode, banking mode, etc. Then the alarm will remind you if you are near a restaurant and the hungry mode is on, or when you are near a petrol pump and you are in refuelling mode, etc. We will need to create a location sensitive database which is already programmed in the microcontroller. As the user drives on, the microcontroller checks the location of the user sent by the GPS receiver with the location in the system's database for the specific mode and if a match is found, the user is reminded by an alarm system. If the user wants to find yet another place, then he doesn't remove the mode and he will again be reminded when a match between the user's location and the database takes place.

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