It is the fact that in order to learn something we need to focus and do various researches and project in that particular field. Hence keeping this thing in mind, we the students of Computer Engineering Third year, second part are doing Minor Projects using any standard programming language like java. The name of our project is “eWORD” Game. It is the game played to find the word from grid. The word will be kept randomly in the grid having some proper meaning. It will be generated randomly from database. Thus our main objective is to find the word. Multiple users are connected in network in order to play the game. Those who will find the word first will get the marks and next round of game will be started and goes till the users’ log off the game. Only the mark will be awarded to those who are able to find the word first. Another main idea beyond this project is that, this game will provide an excellent learning technique for the children in order to develop their vocabulary. In order to make the game more easy and interesting we have kept the hint button in the game which will generate the meaning of the word. And it will be generated in all the computers on the network.

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