The emBank is an Embedded Server based Transaction System, which acts as an online payment gateway system that facilitates online utility bills payment system, personal internet banking and other monetary transaction via web-based user-interface/website as well as short message service (SMS). User can send, receive and transfer money or balance from one account to another as well as pay various utility bills after registering into the system. Here, we use a AVR microcontroller (ATMEGA32) as a web-server and a GSM module (SIM900) for SMS server to accepts/responds command from/to user. Whenever, the user sends request via website, the server parse the received TCP/IP packets and respond as per the requests. To handle a large number of user and their informations, our system also includes Raspberry Pi as a datacenter, which also acts as a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for bulky data likes: images and scripts files. With the scalable networking solution, the server enables Web access to control the monetary transaction. This system works on very low power, minimizing the operational cost with a sufficient number of user and data in comparison to other big, power consuming servers.

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