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Electronic Store management system becoming an essential to efficiently manage inventories in computer age.

Electronic Shop Management System is a workable application for retail store inventory and accounts management. It keeps a list STOCKS and products at a store and can do operations on them. The most important operation is a "PURCHASE", all the transactions and billing details and stock purchasing details involved on it.


Why We Want to Hold Inventories


  •  Improve customer service
  •  Reduce certain costs such as
  •  Ordering costs
  •  Stock out costs
  •  Acquisition costs
  •  Start-up quality costs
  •  Contribute to the efficient and effective operation of the production system








Title of Project:


Electronic Shop Management System



Objective of the Project


Buy ‘N’ Save Inventories with a vision for the future decided to have all its operations computerized. To start with they decided to take up the inventory first.


Project Category:


This is a project which can be placed in the category of RDBMS & OOPS.


1.3 Tools / Platform, Hardware & Software requirement specifications

Platform – Windows XP

Front End – MS Visual Basic.Net

Back End – MS Access


Hardware Requirements:

Pentium III, 700 MHz, 40 GB HDD, 256 MB RAM, A CD Writer / Reader, A Color Monitor.


Software Requirements:

Vb 6.0

MS Access

MS Windows XP


For the Front-End I intend to use Visual Basic and for the Backend MS Access will be used. 

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