Educational Data Mining is the new field of data mining. Data related to the various fields of education are collected by various organizations. These data may be related to the marks and performance of student or may be related to the various factors that decide the educational development of a nation. Educational Data Mining relates to the processing, analyzing and visualizing various results of the data collected.

Educational Data Mining can lead to the discovery of various unknown things about the education field. “Educational Data Mining in relation to the Educational Statistics of Nepal” is related to finding useful information from various data collected by Education Department and other organizations working in the field of education. Our project analyzes various educational statistics collected and the useful presentation of the result. Our software is a tool that analyzes these data and then present the result that would be in better readable and understandable form so that it would be used in better decision making.

Various datasets related to the educational statistics of different districts and school such as enrollment ratio, dropout rate, student to teacher ratio, etc. Using these datasets we have developed a new term called Educational Development Index (EDI) of district. Then ranking of districts is done based on the EDI. Various Classification techniques and Clustering algorithms are also applied to find the educationally backward regions, schools, districts and community based on the EDI. Then the visualization of the conclusions of the algorithms is presented. This project also makes the educational datasets of Department of Education of the Nepal available to the public via api interface.

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