The database management project “eDriving License” is an online web applications used to demonstrate how to fill the vehicle license form being online using general concept of database. In this project one can fill the form easily for various cases like renew license, license addition, duplicate license, trial, new license etc. We have developed an administrator that give access to user or client after verifying certain criteria. Here the web page is developed by using various language and tools like php, dreamweaver, mysql etc. “eDriving License” is an online webpage that is used to fill the form by the general people for various license related purpose. They can get the license easily after passing through certain criteria like trial test, payment paid or not etc. It is our conscious effect that our project deals with even minor requirements of the applicants for the various fields like renew license, license addition, new license, trial, duplicate license etc. People get access to these facilities whenever access is granted by the administrator after checking certain criteria. We have also made a function called search for searching all the information of certain individual stored in database.

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