this is a simple project built in java IDE-Netbeans that converts AD to BS and BS to AD date... small report down there... for further details mail me at [email protected]

abstract of project:

This project comprises of DATE CONVERSION from A.D. to B.S. and vice versa. Used in our daily life, we find harder to remember both the primitive dates A.D. and B.S. in context of Nepal. We go through different gadgets that too run through A.D. format of dates, dominating B.S. format in our daily conversation of life.

In addition, dates used everywhere is always been in Anno Domini (A.D.) format. Thus our native date format, Vikram Samvat (B.S.) is dominated or not remembered in our day to day conversation and we need to look soft or hard format of calendar to convert the date. This desktop application will be helpful in this conversion

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How do you know the number of days in BS months? Can you provide me the database or a link to it?
6 years, 1 month ago

Manish munikar... For details... Please mail me at [email protected] Or contact me at
6 years ago

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