In Nepal we have our own practice of Nepali calendar called Bikram Sambat (BS). Originally Bikram Sambat is the calendar established by Indian Emperor Vikramaditya and was recognized as the official calendar of Nepal since 1958 during Rana rule. In addition to Bikram Sambat, the Gregorian calendar is also widely accepted in the Nepali community. Gregorian calendar can be recognized by the date in Anno Domini (AD). The Gregorian calendar is widely used in international community today. For decades it has been the global standard adopted in the pragmatic interests of communication, transportation and commercial integration and recognized by international institutes such as United Nations (UN). Therefore in Nepal too we have the impact of Gregorian calendar. Due to this practice of both the calendars there arise the problem of converting dates from Bikram Sambat (BS) to Anno Domini (AD) and vice versa. To solve this problem in effective and reliable manner we have developed a simple program with effective algorithm that converts the date in BS to the corresponding date in AD and vice versa.


            Nepali calendar is officially used in any governmental aspects but while interacting with the International community date in Gregorian calendar may be mandatory thus here comes the problem of conversion of date from one form to another. Before the proper development of computer science people use to convert date by tracking each and every day and years which was time consuming and required skilled manpower but after the sufficient development of computer science this particular task is much more easier and can be solved in the fraction of second. In our converter we also have used an effective working algorithm that converts the date in BS to AD and vice versa with 100% accuracy and precision. Our date converter basically takes three inputs i.e. year, months and day and convert them to the required form. This date converter have minimalistic DOS- like interface and is simple to navigate. To allure the user we indeed have used some graphics which we would like to call pseudo graphics because here we haven’t used actual graphics function in fact we have used some synchronized hex character in certain order to make objects on the screen. Our date converter uses simple algorithm based on precise calculation which converts the date in BS to AD and vice versa. However due to language structure and enclosed knowledge our date converter do have some limitation like it can only convert the date from 2000 BS to 2090 BS in context of Nepali calendar and from 1943 AD to 2033 AD in context of Gregorian calendar. Ignoring this limitation our converter holds well in most of the conversion and is fully functional. Our date converter has only one simple objective of converting the date from one form to another in fraction of second and to achieve this we do not need any skilled manpower. In fact any one with basic computer knowledge can convert the date in desired from within the fraction of second. Our date converter has indeed solved a significant problem and made the conversion of date much easier ever than before.  

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