The project is aimed to create a tool to get a quick analysis and visualization of data with the use of statistical methodology. A web - based application is created which will then be applied to analyze census and election data. Further, it aims to process the population and election result of the country. The project as a whole is divided into three phases – Data extraction, visualization and Processing. Scripts written in C# extract data from different file formats including XML, PDF and HTML and save it to our database. The data is then visualized using Maps, Charts and Tag Clouds. Finally, processing is done with a tool to find facts from raw data. Along with it, the data has been utilized to find the best model of Federalism in Nepal. The project is a descriptive website which presents the data in an informative and interesting way. It is a user friendly system which helps to visualize the census data in an interactive form and also allows the admin for managing the data.#

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Data Extraction, Visualization and Processing with an application to Census and Election of Nepal's Screenshot


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