The telecommunication market today is competitive. In order to understand the customers of the company and to create a better environment for the management of customer relationships, many telecommunications companies use call detail analysis to achieve competitive advantage. By understanding customers’ characteristics and behavior, it is possible to successfully tailor services that meet customers’ needs.

With the project proposal entitled Corporate Decision Support System for Telecommunications (CDSST), proposed to and accepted by the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, IOE Pulchowk Campus, we are able to provide a new base of analysis through Microstrategy reporting tools to analyze the customer behaviors and improve the marketing campaigns of the telecom industry. Additionally, our project CDSST helps detect loss by the analysis of the call data record generated by different switches used in the communication network. We have successfully developed a new enterprise level data model that can handle a huge amount of data using Teradata database. The final result of this project is a data warehouse.

We have been able to create various consistent and fundamental data models for various dimensions. These dimensions act as the stage to showcase the various forms of data relevant to the telecommunication industry. These data have been interpreted as the facts. The data in our data marts are used extensively to dig out the past and the present status of the corporate industry in terms of audience penetration and market regime of the company. The result set generated by our system are presented as a report and can be viewed in a dashboard. Further the source data has been undertaken through a serious of steps of Data Driven Discovery methods. The mining of data has enabled us to make future predictions of the trends in the telecommunication industry.

We have successfully created prediction and descriptive models of the data that best describe and/or predict the behavior of the data. The prediction generated by our system can also be viewed as a part of the dashboard, along with the graphs, charts and figures.

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