Hospital Information System (HIS) has evolved as an integration system of order entry systems, an administrative system, and departmental subsystems within a hospital. It has become more and more necessary for every health care staff in a hospital to use a computer terminal at almost every day’s works. Under this circumstances, HIS is expected to provide the staffs with various, world-wide information for decision making and better communication environment which can be used just on the terminals for every day’s works. Furthermore, tele-communication between a central hospital and a satellite clinic/hospital has become more and more necessary especially when a physician consult with domain experts in other hospitals concerning his/her patients' care. We think that only the Internet can satisfy such needs as above. To use the functions of the Internet effectively from HIS, it is important that all the staffs in the hospital have to be able to access such services just on the same computer terminals of HIS that they use for daily health care jobs, because their demands for information retrieval or communications with other experts occur while entering clinical orders from the terminal, making a therapeutic plan based on the laboratory results on the display and so on. Care2x is a generic multi-language open-source project that implements a modern Hospital Information System for the solution of health related problems which was started in May 2002 and has developers in 20 countries. It is currently implemented in developing countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, and Turkey. Each and every country has its own needs and requirements, so care2x cannot be directly implemented in the context of Nepal. It needs a lot of modification before it can be used. So this project is for making the care2x project implemented in Nepal. After the successful implementation of the care2x HIS Nepal will go a step ahead in the field of Health Information System. This project is supposed to be used for the implementation in small hospitals in the first phase and then to be implemented in the bigger hospitals.

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