The main approach of doing this project is to create a new way of communication between Human and Machine i.e. Brain machine interface.This system can make technology more intractive than ever.In this project we developed a robot and wheelchair which run by human brain signal.As in this project we used only two sensor i.e.Electrodes so only Frontal part of brain activites is recieved from sensor.From the frontal part alpha and theta brain waves is dominant so alpha and theta waves is recieved when human is in relaxed and meditative condition.So by using user attentaion and meditation level we control the robot and for handicapped people who are paralyzed like Stefan Hawking can run their wheelchair just using their brain waves.And we titled as Brain controlled wheelchair.

This project include another special desktop application in which a keyboard and some keyword are displayed in computer and user can select that word just by thinking and selected words are speaks by computer.This application is made by Python programming language.And we titled as Blink-Talker(Now everyone can talk).This application is very much useful to people who cann't talk.This system is very much similar to Stefan Hawking system for talking.

Lastely in this project we used only two electrode due to high cost on biomedical-sensor.According to Electroencephalography to observe every signal coming from brain we need 30 electrodes.If we are able to use 30 electrodes then we can control each and everything only by thinking.for eg.No need of keyboard and mouse to run labtop and pc we can control only by thinking,controlling mobile just by thinking,driving car without help of steering etc.It can change whole control mechanism using today if it is used properly.


Ramu Raut 

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