In today’s modern world, almost all of the product are tagged with the encoded visual information in the form of bar. Among them the most used in the commercial products like books, food materials and other are tagged with the EAN13 symbology. Especially in the books, the EAN13 number is transferred into ISBN number, the EAN13 with 978 is for book products. So the hidden information in the book in encoded form is to be decoded in to original number to know the products information. The decoded number has been assigned for that particular book uniquely, so after finding the unique id of that book, we can find the information (updated) from the database or wherever else. With the use of, say, a laser barcode scanner, information about a product such as description and price can be quickly obtained. Another common item in many parts of the world is mobile phone. No doubt the use of mobile phone is becoming increasingly widespread, and its features also are rapidly growing. We can use mobile phone to access the Internet, and take pictures and videos. We certainly can also use it as a barcode reader. Consumers can capture an image of a barcode label using their camera phone (i.e. mobile phone with built-in camera). The phone, programmed to interpret barcode images, will generate the barcode value which is used to identify the product. By connecting online, consumers can then get access to a wealth of information about the product. This includes not only product description and price but also product review, price comparison, location of retailers, etc. Our project will resolve the virtual information to physical domain using mobile client, Bluetooth, and information server; the computer using J2ME, J2SE and Bluetooth Dongle for communication between them. The increasing availability of camera phones, i.e., mobile phones with an integrated digital camera, has made us to use its functionality with the images it takes directly to the program for processing and also to use Bluetooth, the wireless technology and J2ME for wireless devices. The main contribution of this project is 1D bar code EAN 13 recognition software that is intended to facilitate the creation of novel applications. In this project, we have performed scan line based technique to recognize and resolve EAN-13 barcodes from images captured by digital cameras. The ultimate aim of our approach is to enable electronic devices with cameras such as mobile phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) to act as a barcode reader.

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