Android Remote Controller (ARC) is an Android OS based application that is developed for the purpose of controlling any WLAN enabled PC through an Android based smartphone. Through this application we can have access to the basic functions of any PC like media control, file management, task manager, shutdown PC etc. For the purpose of connection between the PC and the smartphone we will be using the wireless LAN (WLAN). This application consists of two modules, one server module that will be installed on the PC and next one is the client module that will be installed on the smartphone. At first, the client module request for the connection to the Server. After the connection is established, user sends the command through the buttons of the GUI of the client module. Server operates that command on the PC and reflects back the result on the Client.

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Android Remote Controller's Screenshot

Team Members

Sourav Babu Shrestha
Saroj S.G
Sushil Sharma


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