Privacy Policies

FlipKarma is a platform for students, academicians and entrepreneurs to add/upload and share their works in their student/academic or professional life. You can add projects, share the codes and make reviews about the contents uploaded by other users. You can also search and find the academic and non academic projects in the site. FlipKarma is created to uplift the student learning environment through sharing of knowledge. We would be much obliged if you treat and use our service for the betterment and strengthening of your educational background.
We care about the privacy of your information. We are committed to protecting your privacy. To make that your privacy remains with you we have certain procedures that comply with the data protection issues.
The privacy policy described here mentions what type of information we collect when you visit our network, how we use the the information and what privacy concerns we offer you as services. This policy is effective from August 2013.

What we collect?

We may collect following information:-
Personal: Your information like Name, Email Address. We need these information to identify an individual. These information are to be public.
Information on Social Network: Information that you share with us in social networking sites(eg: Facebook, Twitter, etc.) – General Information, Email Address, Friends, Location. We do not collect private information like your sex behavior or religious and political beliefs.

How we collect informations?

From Social Network: These information are collected from social Networking sites when you sign up or sign in using oAuthentication service for applications provided by the social networks.
Behavior based on Cookies:
  • When you visit our site we set cookies in your computer or other devices. We use cookies to trace your behavior on our site and improve the quality of service that we provide you based on the behavior. We collect your preferences and search behavior on our site.
  • We also collect analytical information from you like:- no of visits you make to our site, number of posts you make reviews and personal behaviors like search queries, time of stay, language preferences etc.

What do we do with information we collect?

We need these information to understand your desires and improve the service we provide you. We use these information for betterment of the service we provide. We also need these information to rank the projects and also to make categorizations. We use your information to send you email, notifications and site/feature updates to you based on your need and likes. We use these information for the mutual benefit.
Security: We do not collect or transfer sensitive information. If you give us your email. We'll inform you with the services and updates but not very often. We are committed to providing you with secure service. All your private information you provide shall be treated as property of ours and shall be provided high confidentiality and security. We work hard to restrict access to the information. We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure.
We will not sell and distribute your information to third parties unless you give us permission or is required by the law. In-case you have any issues regarding our privacy policies, please feel free to contact at [email protected]