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Locus 2015

'LOCUS' is a non-political and not-for-profit organization of undergraduate students of Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering, Central Campus that promotes technical innovative ideas and creation along with engineering studies through interaction and healthy competition among creative minds in technical fields.

Starting from Feb 20, 2015

Pulchowk Campus

Pulchowk, Lalitpur

IT MEET 2014

"IT MEET" is an ITC event organized by KUCC to encourage interaction between students from various institutions of Nepal and youths from various walks of life. The event is a platform that gives momentum to the ICT Campaign. KUCC envision to empower youths to promote their technical talent that will ultimately produce a technically reinforced society. KUCC advocates that the existing problems be solved using an innovative approach by bringing IT students and professionals together in a podium and share the solution to the general public.

Around 3000 visitors


LOCUS 2014

Locus is a official committee of electronics,computer and electrical department of Pulchowk Engineering Campus,which organizes events and provide a platform for technological innovation.Electronic Hardware, Computer Software Exhibitions and Competition are the highlights of the three days locus festival. LOCUS Committee also conducts seminars, workshops, and competitions on variety of topics suited for both the technical and the non-technical crowd. Science students of the higher secondaryschool level are also encouraged to take part in the tech fest as a means to stimulate the interest in the field of technology in students from a young age.

Around 6000 visitors