Be a Standout in College Projects

An open system to access projects done by students.

How It Works?

Projects provide contexts to bring new workable idea, understand teamwork and solve problems.
Projects are the real footprints of student's academic course and profile.


Student can create their profile. They can validate their project ideas, upload their works and get involved with community.


Dedicated college page featuring student projects will be provided for each college registered within FlipKarma.


Company page for informing our students about recent trends and technologies that have been adopted by different companies.

FlipKarma for College

Get an official page for your college. Provide students an exposure and opportunity to explore their knowledge.

FlipKarma for Companies

Hire freshers based on their projects.

FlipKarma for Events

Promote Events among 6000+ students.


Locus 2015

'LOCUS' is a non-political and not-for-profit organization of undergraduate students of Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering, Central Campus that promotes technical innovative ideas and creation along with engineering studies through interaction and healthy competition among creative minds in technical fields.

Starting from Feb 20, 2015

Pulchowk Campus

Pulchowk, Lalitpur

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