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Questions from the topic - 5. Transport Layer (5 hours) - Computer Networks
  1. Why do you think that there exists two protocols in transport layer where as there exists only one in Internet layer in TCP/IP reference model. Explain token bucket algorithm for congestion control. - 2069 Chaitra
  2. What are the differences between TCP and UDP services? Explain the TCP datagram format in detail. - 2068 Chaitra
  3. What are the functions of transport layer? Draw the segment structure of TCP. - 2068 Baisakh
  4. Write short notes on (any two) :
    a) TCP Sliding Window Protocol
    b) Secret Key Algorithm: DES
    c) ISDN Signalling and ATM AAl
    d) ICMP Message Types - 2066 Bhadra
  5. Both UDP and TCP use port numbers to identify the destination entity when delivering a message. Give two reasons for why these protocols invented a new abstract ID (port numbers), instead of using process IDs, which already existed when these protocols were designed. - 2065 Shrawan
  6. When the congestion occur in the network? Explain the different approach of the congestion control algorithm. - 2065 Shrawan
  7. What is difference between active open and passive open form of connection with TCP ports? Why are sequence number and acknowledgment number needed in TCP connection? - 2063 Ashwin
  8. What do you mean by congestion control? List and discuss some congestion algorithms. - 2063 Baisakh
  9. What type of protocol in UDP? Explain UDP header. - 2063 Baisakh