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Questions from the topic - 3. Data Link Layer (5 hours) - Computer Networks
  1. Explain different types of Data link layer framing mechanisms. - 2069 Chaitra
  2. What is a telephone? With a simple diagram of a telephone network explain how the system works. - 2068 Chaitra
  3. Why channel access mechanism is important in the computer networking? Explain the operation of IEEE 802.5 with its frame format. - 2068 Chaitra
  4. What is a virtual LAN? Design a network which consists of two VLAN names student and department. Explain with necessary diagram, IP addresses and configurations. - 2068 Baisakh
  5. If you are assigned to design a LAN for Pulchowk Campus having 5 departments. Each department will have 100 computers locating in 5 rooms each equipped with 20 computers. Make your own justification while selecting connecting devices and accessories. - 2067 Ashadh
  6. Describe what do you understand by switching along with various types of switching mechanism. Explain the fault tolerance mechanism of FDDI. - 2067 Ashadh
  7. Why access control of channel is essential? Compare operating details of IEEE 802.4 and IEEE 802.5. - 2067 Ashadh
  8. Explain in detail about IP frame format. - 2067 Ashadh
  9. What are the services provided by data link layer? Explain any one methods of framing and flow control. - 2066 Bhadra
  10. Calculate SNR and maximum channel capacity of cat6 channel having bandwidth 300 MHz with 2mW and 200µW as signal and noise power respectively. - 2066 Bhadra
  11. Describe the 802.3 Ethernet standard for CSMA/CD and compare it with 802.4 token bus technology. Explain how DSSS technique is applied in wireless transmission. - 2066 Bhadra
  12. What are headers and trailers, how do they get added and removed? Explain with appropriate figure. - 2065 Shrawan
  13. Differentiate between random and slotted ALOHA. - 2063 Ashwin
  14. Explain channel access method and MAC frame in IEEE 802.4. - 2063 Ashwin
  15. What are the features of X.25? Discuss briefly. - 2063 Ashwin
  16. What are the characteristics of IEEE token bus LAN standard? Explain. - 2063 Baisakh
  17. Explain in detail about X.25 data link layer and X.25 data packet header. - 2063 Baisakh