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Questions from the topic - 1. Introduction to Computer Network (5 hours) - Computer Networks
  1. Explain the need of Networking Software in the form of Hierarchy? Mention in which level layer of OSI reference model following tasks are done.
    i) Timing and Voltage of received signal
    ii) Encryption and Decryption of data
    iii) Data framing
    iv) Point-to-point connection of socket - 2069 Chaitra
  2. Why are the network softwares defined with distinct layers stacked on the top of one another? What are the factors to be considered when designing these layers? - 2068 Chaitra
  3. What is X.25? Explain the format of X.25 packet in detail. - 2068 Chaitra
  4. Compare X.25 and frame relay network. A bit string 0111101111101111110 needs to be transmitted at the data link layer. What is the string actually transferred after bit stuffing? - 2068 Baisakh
  5. Why network software should be in hierarchical form? Explain in detail about OSI layer. - 2067 Ashadh
  6. Explain along with the packet format about the virtual circuit connection of X.25. - 2067 Ashadh
  7. Why do communication process within computer network is divided into layers? How the process of data encapsulation occurs in the transmission mode described by seven layers of OSI model. COmpare OSI model with TCP/IP model. - 2066 Bhadra
  8. What is client/server networking? Explain Active Networking model framework comparing with traditional legacy network. - 2066 Bhadra
  9. Explain the five instances of how networks are the part of your life today. Though we have MAC address why we use IP address to represent the host in the networks? Explain your answer. - 2065 Shrawan
  10. Why do you need to divide the network function to layers? Give a simple example that illustrates how division of function increases effectiveness. - 2063 Ashwin
  11. What are the main purposes of NIC and Router? Which layer they operate on? Discuss. - 2063 Ashwin
  12. Why computer network is important? Differentiate between physical and logical topology. - 2063 Baisakh
  13. Explain the ring and bus topologies in computer network and compare it. - 2063 Baisakh
  14. Write brief notes on network server and network workstation. - 2063 Baisakh