Computer Networks, 2069 Chaitra - Old questions

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Computer Networks, 2069 Chaitra

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  • 1. Explain the need of Networking Software in the form of Hierarchy? Mention in which level layer of OSI reference model following tasks are done.
    i) Timing and Voltage of received signal
    ii) Encryption and Decryption of data
    iii) Data framing
    iv) Point-to-point connection of socket
  • [4+4]
  • 2. Define switching and multiplexing. Differentiate between circuit switching and packet switching.
  • [8]
  • 3. Explain different types of Data link layer framing mechanisms.
  • [8]
  • 4. What is the contribution of subnetting in IP address management? Show the importance in this case. Banijya bank need to allocate 15 IPs in the HR department, 30 in finance department, 24 in customer care unit and 25 in ATM machines. If you have one network of class C range public IP address. Describe how you will manage it.
  • [3+5]
  • 5. Why is routing protocol necessary? Explain the working process of Routing Information Protocol (RIP) with example
  • [5+3]
  • 6. Why do you think that there exists two protocols in transport layer where as there exists only one in Internet layer in TCP/IP reference model. Explain token bucket algorithm for congestion control.
  • [2+6]
  • 7. What is HTTP protocol? With an example explain how a request initiated by a HTTP client is served by a HTTP server.
  • [8]
  • 8. Explain the IPv6 datagram format and the function of each field with necessary figure.
  • [4+4]
  • 9. Compare symmetric key encryption method with asymmetric key encryption. Describe the operation of RSA algorithm.
  • [2+2+4]
  • 10. What is network security? How can firewalls enhance network security? Explain how firewalls can protect a system.