Computer Networks, 2068 Chaitra - Old questions

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Computer Networks, 2068 Chaitra

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  • 1. Why are the network softwares defined with distinct layers stacked on the top of one another? What are the factors to be considered when designing these layers?
  • [2+6]
  • 2. Why do we need RAID in the computer networks? Define and discuss the differences between RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5.
  • [2+6]
  • 3. What is a telephone? With a simple diagram of a telephone network explain how the system works.
  • [3+7]
  • 4. Why channel access mechanism is important in the computer networking? Explain the operation of IEEE 802.5 with its frame format.
  • [2x5]
  • 5. Differentiate:
    a) Distance vector and link state routing algorithm.
    b) Circuit switching and packet switching
  • [3+5]
  • 6. What is X.25? Explain the format of X.25 packet in detail.
  • [3+5]
  • 7. What are the differences between TCP and UDP services? Explain the TCP datagram format in detail.
  • [10]
  • 8. Suppose there are 4 departments A, B, C and D. The department A has 23 hosts, B has 16, C has 28 and D has 13 hosts. You are given a networks Perform subnetting in such a way that the IP address wastage in each department are minimum and also find out the subnet mask, network address, broadcast, and unable host range in each department.
  • [2x5]
  • 9. Write short notes on:
    a) Network Security
    b) Router and Gateway