Computer Networks, 2067 Ashadh - Old questions

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Computer Networks, 2067 Ashadh

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  • 1. Why network software should be in hierarchical form? Explain in detail about OSI layer.
  • [6+2]
  • 2. If you are assigned to design a LAN for Pulchowk Campus having 5 departments. Each department will have 100 computers locating in 5 rooms each equipped with 20 computers. Make your own justification while selecting connecting devices and accessories.
  • [3+5]
  • 3. What do you mean by ISDN and what is it contribution in the field of data communication? Explain various types of multiplexing mechanisms used in communication.
  • [4+4]
  • 4. Describe what do you understand by switching along with various types of switching mechanism. Explain the fault tolerance mechanism of FDDI.
  • [2+6]
  • 5. Why access control of channel is essential? Compare operating details of IEEE 802.4 and IEEE 802.5.
  • [4+4]
  • 6. Explain along with the packet format about the virtual circuit connection of X.25.
  • [2+6]
  • 7. Why routing is essential in computer networking? Compare working of distant vector routing algorithm with link state routing algorithm.
  • [8]
  • 8. Explain in detail about IP frame format.
  • [8]
  • 9. If you need to assign IP addresses to all computers of question no 2 making each department as a network. What will be your approach? Explain with IP address ranges you are suggesting.
  • [3+5]
  • 10. How the protocol SMTP operate? Explain the procedures to make your network secured.