Computer Networks, 2065 Shrawan - Old questions

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Computer Networks, 2065 Shrawan

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  • 1. Explain the five instances of how networks are the part of your life today. Though we have MAC address why we use IP address to represent the host in the networks? Explain your answer.
  • [5]
  • 2. What are headers and trailers, how do they get added and removed? Explain with appropriate figure.
  • [10]
  • 3. Explain the working principle of different types of network devices Repeater, HUB, Bridge, Switch and Router.
  • [3]
  • 4. Both UDP and TCP use port numbers to identify the destination entity when delivering a message. Give two reasons for why these protocols invented a new abstract ID (port numbers), instead of using process IDs, which already existed when these protocols were designed.
  • [2+8]
  • 5. Why the telephone companies developed the ISDN? Explain the working principle of ISDN with its interface and functional groups.
  • [14]
  • 6. Suppose we have 4 departments A, B, C and D the department A has 23 hosts, B has 16, C has 28 and D has 13 hosts. You are given a network Perform the subnetting in such a way that the IP address wastage in each department is minimum and find out the subnet mask, network address, broadcast and usable host range in each department.
  • [3+7]
  • 7. When the congestion occur in the network? Explain the different approach of the congestion control algorithm.
  • [10]
  • 8. Explain the major IP services in the computer network?
  • [10]
  • 9. Explain the working principle of FTAM protocol.