In the present age, web-site services are being popular for providing information and optimizing the business sectors. Web analytics is very useful tool to monitor the effectiveness of one’s website(s). It collects useful data about the visitors, processes it and then provides the result in a statistical and graphical way so that the one can grasp all useful information and use it for meeting one’s goals and objectives. My Web Analyzer is a software that collects data from client-side. It is based on page tagging technology. It simply collects data from the browser, analyze it in the server side and display the information in statistical and graphical form about the web traffic, find out the most popular pages, new visitors, loyal visitors ,average time per visit and many other useful metrics. By obtaining the information from web analytics, one can optimize Web site effectiveness, increase website conversion and increase online sales and leads, reduce customer support cost and improve website usability. The project mainly makes the use of java (JSP and Servlet) for application, javascript for tracking code, oracle 9i for database, APIs for visitor’s location information and google maps and Cewolf tag libraries for charts. Although there are number of webanalytic software packages, they are suitable for medium and large companies only due to their high cost. So, “My Web Analyzer” is more suitable for small organizations and individual site owners.

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